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from man is the animal by plaeground

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Having learned discipline over his ego, which ironically has set man free to follow his spirit, humanity finds itself reconnected to the universal mother in substage five. This substage represents the journey from cause and effect (learning universal laws) to creating works of genius to service to all (mastery and application of universal laws). It is an era of cooperation and collaboration where man corrects the mistakes of the past and plants seeds of future transformation in works of genius that will long outlive the individual creators. Whereas in substage three, man first breaks from the group to attain a center/ego, the task of it’s mirrored substage, The Connection, is to throw off that center and rejoin the group. All substages on the right side of our arc return to their origins, but from a more evolved perspective due to the accumulation of knowledge gained from all previously traversed substages. In substage five, man has tapped the infinite potential of his mind, and therefore, has reversed the entropy of the left side of the arc. Being born of a finite world himself, man must find a way to release his newly discovered energy, and therefore creates works of genius. Much as a plant reverses entropy by collecting energy from the sun to produce seed and better ensure its species’ survival, man at this substage works together to create genius that will better ensure the survival of its progeny. Because this substage is ascending toward substage six, which like it’s mirror on the arc (substage two) implies the character of immortality, these works of genius are a way for man to begin to live beyond his demise. Would you not agree that Shakespeare and Beethoven are as alive today (if not more so) than they ever were during their lifetimes? The circle of life becomes a spiral when a point in humanity’s evolutionary process comes full-circle with an evolved perspective further down the linear direction of time. This is the essence of the arc model. This substage will mark the beginning of mankind reaching out to one another to combine into a superorganism. This combination for the betterment of the All is a tell-tale sign that man is now firmly rededicated to something higher than himself. Much as an embryo goes from a free-floating cellular state, to attaching itself to the embryonic wall to attain the energy needed to form the brain/body of a human baby, humanity had to leave the comfort and interconnection of group mind to form an ego center with which to learn about the universe which revealed that inside that individual was its own unique expression of collective consciousness. This unlocks limitless power and just as too much power blows a bulb, too much power almost extincts man in substage four. Man MUST create great works and live in service to the universe in order to shed its excess energy in the circuit ever-flowing between energy and matter. Now deeply aligned with the universe, this process is both easy and enjoyable. It is interesting to note, that there are people in our society that currently exemplify fifth substage characteristics in their lives. Unfortunately, most of the time, these are the people most ignored and persecuted by our culture. The “freaks,” “nuts,” and “quacks” of their respective fields. And yet, their existence alone is promising. If I might once again borrow an example from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book, caterpillars have to work against their innate nature to evolve into butterflies. When in the cocoon, a caterpillar’s immune system actually starts off destroying any foreign cells in its body. Even those needed for it’s own evolution. The caterpillar’s body, however, ceaselessly produces more and more new cells. The barrage of butterfly cells eventually overpowers the immune system of the caterpillar and the physiological evolution takes over naturally. In the same way, geniuses in our culture are often killed by the culture’s self-preservation tendency even in the face of its own evolution. We must all unify and work together to overwhelm the resistance of our own culture in order for it to evolve. The creation of these paintings is an attempt to stretch my mind/brain into the realm of substage five.


from man is the animal, released May 16, 2009


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plaeground Maryland

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